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Carrie has expertise in instruction, coaching, and translation in English, French, and Spanish. Her services can be customized to your needs, depending on your academic, personal and professional goals. Private lessons are offered in-person at Carrie’s location in Albany, NY, or online over Skype.

“Through learning language we learn about culture.
Through learning about culture, we learn respect for others.
Through learning respect for others, we can hope for peace.”

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Services en Français

Pour les Francophones, Carrie offre des leçons privées d’espagnol et de conversation en anglais. Elle offre également des services de traduction écrite. Carrie fournit des leçons privées `a tous les niveaux de compétence.

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Services in English

For English speakers, Carrie offers private lessons in French and Spanish to all skill levels and age groups. She also provides translation services and coaches for the United States history and civics portions of the USCIS citizenship test.

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Servicios en Español

Para los hispanohablantes, Carrie ofrece clases privadas de inglés y de francés. Carrie proporciona lecciónes privadas para todos los niveles de competencia. Offrece también servicios de traducción escrita.

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Hi, I’m Carrie


After teaching college language courses for approximately 30 years, in 2013 I began Carrie’s Language Services to give private language classes and tutoring in French, Spanish and English at any language level. I help with listening-comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, literature and knowledge of the culture. You can view my resume and learn more about me here.

Contact Me

Call Carrie at (518) 453-0545​ or email her using the contact form below.

What Students Are Saying…

“Carrie is an experienced and all around excellent language tutor. With many years of teaching experience, I felt she was able to utilize curriculum that applied to my specific learning goals. Over the course of a few months we covered a variety of vocabulary and topics all relevant to the type of language I might use at the office or with friends. Carrie was always patient in her approach, and her flexible schedule made meeting each week easy. I feel my French proficiency has certainly improved with her help. I would highly recommend Carrie’s services to anyone trying to improve their language proficiency.


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